Men wearing surgical masks are more likely to attract women, the study finds

The women who participated in the study said that those who wear surgical masks are more attractive than men who wear cloth masks or do not wear masks at all.

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Not only preventing coronavirus infection but also making yourself attractive in front of others, there is no pair of face masks. Surprisingly, researchers at Cardiff University in the UK recently found that people of the opposite sex are more attracted to people wearing surgical face masks.

According to a report in the British media The Guardian, covering the face of someone of the opposite sex is more attractive. This was stated by the men and women who took part in the study.

Cardiff University School of Psychology reader and facial specialist. Michael Lewis said a pre-epidemic study found that surgical face masks were less attractive. Because everyone thought that the masks were worn only by the sick people or the medical people. However, a new survey conducted in 2021 found that surgical masks are considered more attractive than cloth masks.

Researchers believe that a face covered with a medical face mask is the most attractive. Because health workers wear these masks and now everyone is taking them positively.

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The study, published in the journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, began in February 2021. In the study, 43 women were asked to rate between 1 and 10 by wearing different types of masks and showing pictures of men without masks.
Participants said that those who wear surgical masks face masks are more attractive than those without masks.

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“The epidemic has changed our psychology,” Lewis said. Now when we see someone wearing a mask, we don’t think ‘that person has a disease, I have to stay away. On the contrary, I am accepting him positively.”

Lewis added that “it is not unreasonable to think that masks make people more attractive. Because people usually pay attention to the eyes of others first. Also, covering half of the face makes people look more attractive because the brain fills in the missing gaps and imagines an overall idea about the face.”



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