Why super league is bad for football

In theory, the idea of a European Super League sounds like a football fan’s dream.

Who wouldn’t want to see Bayern Munich play Real Madrid or Chelsea take on Barcelona, as we did in the most recent Champions League semifinals, every single year?

But, there is no such thing as improvement or deterioration in the proposed tournament. The example can be given with the top five leagues in Europe. Every season some teams are relegated from these leagues. The three teams at the bottom of the table went down one step to the bottom of the league. There is also an opportunity to rise to the top league from the second division.

ESL chairman Florentina Perez

There are also arrangements to play directly or qualify for the Champions League in the domestic leagues of Europe. It is good to see that the leagues are so crowded because they have these arrangements. If there is no uncertainty in the game, and if that uncertainty is not fun to go north — then what is the game?

They will play with a total of 20 teams in the Super League. Of these, 15 founding clubs will play in all seasons. They have no problem of depression. The remaining 5 clubs will have to play qualifiers. Take a look at the names of the clubs — Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Atletico Madrid, Manchester United and Manchester City. In addition to these 12 clubs, three other clubs have been mentioned in the decision to host the European Super League. However, the names of these three clubs have not been revealed yet.

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Whatever it is, these big clubs will play against each other on a ‘home and away’ basis divided into two groups. As most of these clubs have star players, the clubs have the opportunity to earn a lot of money from broadcasting and other sectors. The figure will be much higher than the UEFA competition. So what is the account? No matter how poor the performance of those 15 clubs, they will play every season and share the money earned among themselves. What a wonderful fair play!

That’s a joke. Game?

Image by Bleacher Report Football

It’s not a game, because the relationship between effort and success (in the Super League) isn’t here. Where success is pre-determined and at some point the rate does not matter — it cannot be a game. But at the moment it is nothing more than a statement.

Image by BBC news

I’m not taking Eufa’s side here. They must be wrong in many places But why compare with this league? Wouldn’t the FIFA programs, including the domestic League, be damaged by the Super League? Wouldn’t the tradition of the domestic leagues be lost? Isn’t that the beauty of football?

Of course the Champions League is a greedy, bloated financial behemoth. The rich either get richer or more buried in debt trying to stay rich, and the poorer find it increasingly difficult to maintain a credible challenge, but at least it has evolved from an old competition set up in a meritocratic spirit.

The chairman of the committee will be able to tell the whole world why he has made this decision. Why this competition will be organized by selecting these specific teams??

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